from The Way of the Wild Heart – John Eldredge

“Most of the men I’ve counseled over the years understand that Christianity is an offer of forgiveness, made available to us through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross… What they don’t seem to grasp is, there is more. That forgiveness was made available to each of us so that we might come home to the father. Forgiveness is not the goal. Coming home to the Father is the goal. So a man who calls himself a Christian, attends church, and has some hope of heaven when he dies has not received the lion’s share of what God intended him to receive through the work of Christ. He will find himself living very much alone, stuck in his journey, wondering why he cannot become the man he longs to be” (p. 30).

“Often in the evenings, just before bedtime, the boys in their jammies with feet in them, we would play a game where they would get as far back on the landing as they could, get a running start to leap off the stairs, and fly through the air into my arms below. I was blown away by their trust in me, such abandoned confidence. When a boy has this confidence, this security and safety created by masculine strength over him, the whole world opens before him. He is able to live as a boy—an explorer and adventurer” (p. 44).

Father, may I know you and trust you like this. May I leap with abandoned confidence into what you have for me. May your perfect love, and your father’s heart, cast out my fear.

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  1. appolus

     /  February 16, 2008

    Boys are indeed explorers and adventurers, those in Christ grow up to be warriors. Check out “Scottish Warriors for Christ.”


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