Jesus Film stories

In our Christian club prayer meeting the other night, I mentioned stories of the Jesus film. Here’s one:

The Man in the Clouds

Some years ago, in Asia, a young national missionary couple felt the call of God to take their 3-year-old son to a very resistant area in the North to live among the native people. They labored faithfully for many years in this notorious area known as the “graveyard of missionaries” without seeing a single person come to Christ. Their every effort to share the gospel was met with opposition, as they battled discouragement, depression, spiritual oppression and polluted water.

One day the husband walked through the door of their tiny home, collapsed and died. Distraught, his wife went to check on their sick child. He also had died. Devastated, confused, she returned to the States, with her acute loss, seemingly defeated.

A few weeks later, a “JESUS” film team arrived in that exact area. This time the government officials allowed the film to be shown. During the scene at Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, when His face first appeared on the screen, the crowd erupted with shouts and exclamations. The team had no choice but to stop the film and learn what the commotion was about. “It’s the Man!” they shouted. “He is the One we saw walking in the clouds!”*

It seemed that everyone had seen Him the day the national missionary and his son died. Clouds formed over the hillsides. The vision of a Man, larger-than-life, appeared above the clouds, walking over their hills, shedding tears. The people suspected that it was a message from God, that He was displeased that they had rejected the gospel. Now, they were being given a second chance.

As the team restarted the projector, the people settled down to continue watching the film. Everyone was transfixed by the story. Then, at the end, the majority of these hard, resistant, people put their faith in Christ! Other miracles followed. People were delivered from evil spirits. The sick were healed. The deep spiritual hunger of many was met.

But, the greater miracle is this: where once there were no Christians, there are now 46,000 believers and hundreds of growing and maturing churches! Today, they are preparing to send out their own missionaries to other unreached people, some of whom will use the “JESUS” film. The “graveyard of missionaries” has become the “vineyard of missionaries!”

*On occasion, the Holy Spirit reportedly gives a vision of the risen Christ that resembles the actor who portrays Jesus. It appears to be His way of affirming the truth of His Word to some who have seen or will see the “JESUS” film.

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God is good, and powerful.

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