Good stuff!

I was sick last weekend, but am finally feeling better!

Tonight I am going to pray with several pastors from Hacienda Heights and La Puente. The goal is to pray for revival in our community. I have been a big fan of the Transformations videos, and apparently these videos have also been instrumental in bringing this group of pastors together. Please pray that this movement of pastors and churches would grow!

Here is an interesting article I read recently (subscription to World required for full text). It pointed out a resource for non-Muslims to better understand the Qur’an (Koran). A long-time critic of Islam has decided to go through it chapter by chapter in order to help us understand it in context. The site is here.

There is big news about our rival high school in Hacienda Heights. Wilson High was shut down today because an obviously disturbed teenager made a very specific death threat against several students on the school’s Wikipedia site. Please pray for this young man (who has been arrested and has confessed) to come to know Christ, who is able to heal his mind and heart.

I have arranged to take my AP students on a field trip to the Reagan Library in May! I am excited, largely because of Air Force One. It’s going to be so cool.

My oldest daughter has chosen to be baptized this Sunday at church! Praise His name!

Finally, my most excellent principal has chosen to take a different position in the district, partly in order to see his family more. Please pray for a godly man or woman to be hired to replace him! Mr. Roberts has been exceedingly fair in terms of the ministry of our Christian club on campus, and we have appreciated his efforts. I look forward to building a positive relationship with whoever comes next!

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  1. Was planning with Reeder to possibly take kids to Reagan Library during summer econ/civics… can you let me or Reeder know what to expect… I think your AP crowd will be different than the regular econ/civics crowd..

  2. What I have learned already is that you have to book way in advance for a morning tour, though that may be different in the summer. We are doing a 1:00 tour and so won’t be home until about 5. I asked my students, and they were ok with it.

    I found out today that you can’t take pictures on-board Air Force One. bummer.


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