More Way of the Wild Heart, Eldredge

“If a man does not find his life in God, he will become a very thirsty man, and thirsty men have been known to do some very stupid things. Remember Buechner’s realization about the girl in Bermuda: ‘All the beauty I longed for beyond the beauty I longed for in her.’ Oh, how we must understand this, that there is a Beauty we long for calling to us through the beauty of the woman we are enchanted by. She is not the Beauty itself, only a messenger. If we never look beyond, we will try in vain to find it in her, causing both ourselves and the woman a great deal of pain. But to find it in God, to begin to experience in God what he sent Eve to fortell—now that is what David meant when he said, ‘Your love is better than life’ (Ps. 63:3 NIV)” (p. 208).

Our girlfriends, our wives, and the girls on the internet cannot satisfy us. Our heart longs for something much deeper. God placed in us a desire for beauty that no woman can ultimately satisfy. When we find our hearts and our lives in God, we stop looking at the woman in our life as something primarily there to meet our needs. Then she is free from the burden of performing to meet them. The goal is two people so in love with the Father that they are found complete in Him, and therefore free to love each other without condition—not with their own fallen, human love, but with His love.

Lord, may I seek you to this extent. I am nowhere close, but Lord, I know you can lead me there.

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