Advice to the new (or old) believer, pt. 3

Part 3 in a series… (Here is part 1 and part 2)

Hearing God’s Voice

The first time I heard God’s voice distinctly was during my prayer regarding the rocking chair as detailed in my testimony. Note: when I (or most others who talk or write about this) talk about hearing God’s voice, we don’t mean audibly. I have never heard God’s voice with my ears. You hear God’s voice with your spirit. When I heard the specific name of the woman in the rocking chair, it was not audible.

Once I began to hear God’s voice more regularly, I realized that I had been hearing it all along, but had failed to recognize it. God communicates to us through things like impressions, dreams, pictures, and visions as well. How do we know it’s God? First, if it contradicts scripture, then it’s not God. Unfortunately, many false and dangerous teachings and practices occur when people first start hearing God’s voice, and they chuck their Bible. Real relationship with the living God is exciting, but it must be sought through scripture and remain grounded in scripture.

After experiencing God’s voice, one begins to recognize Him based upon His wisdom and His texture or tone. Sometimes thoughts come to us that are so profound that it catches us off-guard. I would suggest that this is likely the Lord. After a while, you begin to know his voice (in John 10, Jesus says four times that “my sheep know my voice”). God is a gentlemen, his voice is not demanding or threatening. It is authoritative, but not angry or insistent. It embodies wisdom. And sometimes, God is funny. He has made me laugh out loud more than once.

I hear God’s voice best when I am journaling. I ask God a question, and then I write down what I believe him to be saying. Sometimes, I go back and reread it, asking God to correct anything I may have missed or gotten wrong. Then I often copy and paste the entire conversation and send it to my mentors, asking them to pray and get confirmation.

Any new Christian must know that our walk with God truly is a relationship with him, not a religion of bible reading and then making speeches to God. We were made to know him and experience his love first hand, not to just try to follow the rules until he comes back.

On John Eldredge’s website, there is a brief video of his talk on Walking with God. My wife and I saw it live and we were freed. It’s like we were now allowed to say out loud the things we were experiencing. I highly recommend you sit down and watch!

Another resource: Dallas Willard’s Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God. Blessings!

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