My wife and I are at the California Home Educators Convention in Long Beach.  Some cool stuff happened today!

First, we found lots of good stuff to use with our daughters for the coming year and beyond.  And at good prices.  =)  We got the whole Focus on the Family dramatized Chronicles of Narnia (all 7 books on CD) for only $25.  We bought the entire collection of YWAM Christian Heroes for about $4/book.   We love those.

It’s funny how God works.  A few days ago the only thing really keeping us from bailing out on the convention was the fact that we had paid for it.  Els felt she had a good plan for the coming year, and we were tired.  But we came and God has blessed.  God enabled us to get an extra night of childcare at the last minute, and we thought we might have a free hotel room that one of the other homeschool mom’s wasn’t going to use.  But in the morning we ran in to her (that was an answer to prayer in itself), and she had canceled the room.  I immediately begin to pray for a hotel room, and I believe it was the Lord who brought to mind the story that John Eldredge tells about running out of gas on a dirt road while on a fishing trip when he was 19 (wow, that was a lot of prepositional phrases!).  God told him, “I will bring you gas.”  So Eldredge went fishing, and God brought gas.  So I had this sense that something would work out, and that gave me some peace.  I didn’t spend all day worrying about it, just a few times throughout the day.  =)

Well, at the very end of the evening while we were shopping at the YWAM booth, we met a really key contact who actually was the editor of the Christian Heroes series.  We immediately connected, and exchanged stories for about 15 minutes.  Els and I both had the sense that the Lord was going to do something with us and this man.  Well, as I was winding up our purchase, I said something like “well, now to find a hotel room…”  He perked up and asked, so I told him the story about the free room that wasn’t.  He said, “come back in a 1/2 hour and I’ll see what I can do.”  Well, 1/2 hour later we had a free room at the Marriott.  I couldn’t believe it!  Although, I kind of could because the Eldredge story coming to mind in the morning.  Thanks Lord!  And thank you YWAM editor who shall remain nameless because I don’t have permission to use it!

Then by the end of the day, the Lord had totally revised our homeschool plan that we thought we had all worked out.  We are more excited than ever for the coming year.  Thank you God!  And thank you for the blessing that is my wife.

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