LAHS 20th Reunion

I actually did enjoy my 20th high school reunion last night.  I made my wife come because I was too insecure to go by myself.  (Yes, I know, a painful truth.)  It was really fun to see many old friends.  Once we got passed the basic info—job, married/single, kids?, geography—conversation was often shallow and occasionally strained.  If I had gone to my 10th reunion, maybe I could have gone a bit deeper.  I did meet a former classmate who is now a pastor, so that was encouraging.  Once finding out I teach at Los Altos, many wanted to know what teachers are still there, how the school has changed, etc.  I also found out that a few classmates still live in town!  It was a lot of fun to hang out with my old Production Choir friends as well as be reconnected with one of my very oldest friends.

But coming home, I am just thankful for my wonderful wife, my great girls, and the loving community of family and friends I am surrounded with.  I wouldn’t trade with anyone.  Thanks God!  =)

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