Chinese Olympic Success

I have been waiting for an article like this.  I knew it would come.  Totalitarian regimes often do well at the Olympics.  Hitler’s Olympic team in 1936 was very successful.  The old Soviet teams were also.  Requiring people to train 10 hours a day after having recruited them based on their genetic makeup will work sometimes.

The only mother on China’s team, Xian Dongmei, told reporters after she won her gold medal in judo that she had not seen her 18-month-old daughter in one year, monitoring the girl’s growth only by webcam. Another gold medalist, weightlifter Cao Lei, was kept in such seclusion training for the Olympics that she wasn’t told her mother was dying. She found out only after she had missed the funeral.

“You have no control over your own life. Coaches are with you all the time. People are always watching you, the doctors, even the chefs in the cafeteria. You have no choice but to train so as not to let the others down,” gymnast Chen Yibing told Chinese reporters last week after winning a gold medal on the rings. He said he could count the amount of time he’d spent with his parents “by hours . . . very few hours.”

Guo [Jingjing, a gold medalist in diving] 27, suffers from health problems related to diving and is said to have such bad eyesight she can barely see the diving board. It is a common hazard for Chinese divers, who are recruited as young as 6.

Another diver was prevented from eating dinner so she could be kept at 66 pounds.

Very sad.

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