Fireproof review

I took Elizabeth to see Fireproof last night.  It was wonderful, painful, joyful,…emotional.  Similar to their previous film, Facing the Giants, it was well done, had limited cheesiness (those who have seen a lot of Christian films know what I mean) and was so powerful.  

When you see the film, I would encourage you to pray beforehand this way:  “Lord, I pray that you would open my heart to what you want to teach me, even if it’s painful.  Quicken my spirit to scenes and characters that you want to use to instruct me, correct me, bless me, or bring up wounds that need healing.”  

If you have been married, and likely even if you haven’t, God will bring stuff up in you.  I ended up deeply connecting with the father of the lead character, and I think God used this movie to help me grieve wounds in my own life and to surrender more fully to the Lord for healing.  (sorry if I sound like a therapist!)

Men in general are going to have a tough time with this movie, as it so widely exposes many of the sins we so often fall to.  Wives, this isn’t a movie to manipulate your husband into seeing you with you.  It may just exacerbate his feelings of failure (“My wife already thinks I’m a failure, and now she brings me to this movie to prove it!”).  The change portrayed in the lead character doesn’t happen quite so fast in reality (try a lifetime!), but that’s a movie for you—everything wrapped up in a couple hours.  Instead, pray fervently for him!  

Husbands, initiate with your wives to see the movie and then plan to spend time with her afterwards.  It will raise issues. Don’t get defensive. Love her by identifying with her emotions. You might want to see it before so you are prepared.  Seriously.  

Bottom line: almost everyone is going to be challenged, but also encouraged, if they don’t get defensive.  That’s why seeking the Lord and going in with an open heart may be so important.  It will be easy to hear the voice of the accuser, “see, you’re just like that, but worse!”  But remember, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1).  The Lord does not condemn you if you are in Christ.  He doesn’t pile on and call you names.  The enemy does that.  The Lord is gentle, and draws you closer to Him.

And every Christian teenager or single adult needs to see this.  I don’t know of a better spent two hours to prepare one for marriage and to dispel the Disney Romance understanding of it.  Most teenagers do not understand that love is not an emotion that you fall into or out of (though often wonderful emotions come with it!), but a commitment to act—to choose to love even when we don’t feel like it.  When two people understand this and love each other this way, something beautiful happens.  We get to experience a taste of heaven on earth where we are loved for who we are, not for how we perform.  

Praise God for this movie and may it bring restoration, repentance and revival to our marriages, our churches, and our nation!

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  1. beensetfree

     /  September 27, 2008

    Good Evening,
    I want to thank you so much for writing on this Movie topic because our sunday school class will be going together tomorrow to see it. It really spoke to my heart that when you shared that we should pray before going….and I agree, the trailer in itself was impacting so I knew that it was going to be pretty heavy. I cried when I saw the preview so…. I recieve what you said about this movie bringing restoration, repentence and revival. Thank you for sharing your experience of viewing the movie with us.

    Soaking IN God’s Presence,
    Danielle Morris

  2. i rewatched this movie again today. (i ordered the DVD.)

    every time i watch it, it wrenches my heart. God is so good.

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