From Repenting of Religion

From Repenting of Religion by Gregory Boyd:

In discussing that the goal of creation is for us to participate in the love that the trinity has in and with each other, he talks about how this is done:

It is not by performing good deeds, successfully conquering certain sins, holding all the right theological opinions, or becoming “religious” people.  These may be by-products of the change in reality that takes place in us, but they are not the cause of the change.  We participate in the eternal love of the triune fellowship by allowing ourselves to be placed in Christ by faith.

The more I understand what it means to be “in Christ,” the more this concept dominates my understanding of the Christian life.  Through Christ, we have relationship.  And out of that relationship flows everything else.  And this relationship is intended to be intimate, moment-by-moment, and conversational. Many people are defeated by shame from ever pursuing this—how can a holy God want to hang out with sinful me?  But once again, “in Christ” makes all the difference.  It’s not about our holiness or lack thereof, it’s about his righteousness credited to our account.  If we are “in Christ,” God sees Christ’s righteousness in us and has relationship with us on that basis.  We don’t have to hide in shame, but can “approach the throne of grace with confidence” if we are in Christ.

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