Good advice can’t do this…

At church tonight something very cool happened.  I have a friend who has had years of career/financial trouble.  Finding something he does well, finds meaning in, and that pays adequately has been uniquely difficult.  And the Lord keeps pouring out his blessings on them in terms of children.  The children are a gift, but of course each one makes the financial situation more difficult.  God provides jobs here and there, enough to keep them in their very modest home and put some food on the table.  But he is certainly not satisfied, and has questioned God’s faithfulness to him.

And, of course, every husband and father has a great deal of his self-worth wrapped up in his ability to provide for his family.  Now, I think this is not right, in that deriving our self-worth from anything but God’s love and acceptance is an idol in our lives, something for us to take pride in.  But despite this sin, I’m not sure I know any man who is completely free from it.  Certainly I am not.  And maybe God is working in my friend to purge him of this.  I obviously don’t know what God is doing.

But tonight, I had the rare privilege of watching God minister directly to him.  Our guest speaker was Ed Piorek, and after speaking (listen here), he invited people to come forward who were feeling God’s  presence on them.  I went up, and after a few moments I noticed my friend was next to me.  Now Pastor Piorek doesn’t go to our church, and does not know me or my friend.  But he began to circulate among us, laying hands on and praying for people as the Lord directed.  He got to my friend, and the first thing out of his mouth was, “You are not a disappointment to God!”  Immediately my friend doubled over and began to weep.  He was cut to the heart.  Knowing my friend’s history and some of his heart issues, I began to weep too, feeling God’s heart for my friend.  Pastor Piorek kept praying over him, things like “You have not missed what God has for you,” and “you are God’s son and he is pleased with you.”  How did Pastor Piorek know to say these things?  It seems obvious to me that the Holy Spirit was telling him.

Pastor Piorek then came and prayed for me, but his prayers for me were totally different, and related to my issues.  And, of course, he doesn’t know me at all.

This is the kind of ministry I want to see more of.  A word like that from the Lord can go a long way to healing years of built-up pain.  How many counseling sessions would it take to get my friend to believe that he is not a disappointment to God?  But one word from the Lord, and healing is happening.  Now, I know that my friend’s healing is not complete, and maybe it will never be fully complete until he is with the Lord.  But this was pretty awesome, and this is the kind of ministry I want to be about.

Of course, the hard part is pursuing the Lord to such an extent that you don’t screw up and give people “words” that are just your own thoughts.  Father, may I be diligent to hear correctly what you are saying.  Open the eyes of my heart!

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  1. Deanna

     /  May 7, 2009

    How I would love to have the gift of prophesy like this man! That is so cool!


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