Freedom from cynicism

I have been noticing lately how much of the humor and banter in our culture comes from a “too-cool,” cynical or sarcastic posture.  And I am so thankful for my wife, who has modeled for me an enthusiastic, encouraging, and sympathetic heart.  God has used her to help deliver me from needing to be “cool.”  I am much more free to be who God made me, and the best part is, I don’t really care what the cynical, sarcastic, too-cool crowd thinks about it!  They are only responding that way because they have been hurt or are insecure, and are protecting their hearts from being vulnerable. Cynicism and sarcasm are the ultimate defense mechanisms. Like all of us, they need love.

Sorry to some of my faithful readers (I think I actually have a few!) for not posting much lately.  My busyness will continue through early May, and then I will have time to post more.

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