What if?

I was reading this morning in Charles Kraft, Defeating Dark Angels.  He made the point that to heal, we must treat the whole person because everything is interconnected.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc., we are all connected.  Things happening in one part affect other parts.  A person goes to a medical doctor, but he only treats the physical part.  Or someone goes to a counselor, but they only address the emotional part, etc.  So people do get help, but they rarely get full healing.

What if the church became a center for healing?  What if Christian doctors and counselors partnering with Christians trained in pastoral care,  inner healing and deliverance could work as teams to bring at least the opportunity for pervasive healing to someone?  It would be difficult, with all the professional egos and those who feel that their discipline is most important, but if the whole team had a heart for the Lord and the commitment and skill to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit (the source of all healing), it could be revolutionary.

Father, I pray that you would raise up churches who would become centers of healing.  Father, you love this sick and dying world.  It is your desire to bring healing and help.  So father, bring together like-minded followers with these skills and put them together to bring blessing and healing to the nations.

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