Our authority in Christ

From Defeating Dark Angels by Charles Kraft, p. 84-85

If only we Christians knew how much power we possess!  A friend of mine was chatting with a women who recently had been converted to Christianity out of the occult.  While serving Satan, she had the ability to “see” the amount of spiritual power people carry with them.  According to her, every person carries a certain amount of spiritual power, but the difference in power between Christians and non-Christians is amazing.  Indeed, she could spot Christians immediately in any group, even at a great distance, by noting the amount of spiritual power they carried.  She now knows that the reason for this difference is the presence of the Holy Spirit in them.

She remarked, though, that she and her occult group felt no threat from most Christians, even though they knew Christians were more powerful than they were.  For the Christians had no idea how to use the power within them.  Though that power (that is the Holy Spirit, the source of their power) afforded them much protection from evil power, they did not know how to use the Holy Spirit’s power to go on the offensive in spiritual warfare.

The occult group discovered, however, that some Christians did know how to use their power.  The servants of Satan learned to steer clear of them, for they could be a threat.  Fortune tellers, occultic healers, and others working under the power of Satan discover, for example, that when Christians are around, they cannot operate smoothly.  A missionary friend of mine once went into a Mexican cathedral where several curanderos (occultic healers) were at work.  As he sat there praying, the healer looked up at him several times, then packed up her paraphernalia and left with her client.  The missionary’s praying had canceled her ability to carry out her functions. How different things would be for a lot of Christians if only they realized how much power they carry (italics his).

Father, teach me to understand and use properly the power I have through the Holy Spirit.

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