Willing to change

“When my pain was greater than my shame, I was willing to change.”

On my bike home today, I was listening to Jack Frost from Shiloh Place ministries (yes, that’s his real name, though he died a few years ago).  I’ve been listening to his series called “Confronting the Taskmasters,” which is about how the Lord brings us out of slavery to fear, shame, etc. to move into God’s calling on our lives.  The quote above struck me.

Real change in our lives requires help from God and usually help from others.  It’s the old cliche that the first step is admitting we have a problem.  If we are too ashamed to admit to God and to others that it’s not working, we will probably never change.  But God won’t leave us there.  He allows the pain from our choices to increase and increase, until we no longer care what other people think.  We cry out for help.  Then the partnership toward healing begins.

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  1. I had told someone on Wednesday that in order for the lord to lead you to where you would like to go, you must make sacrifices. You can’t keep with the bad things and expect for God to save you and lead you into a happy place. Like you have said, You must admit you have a problem. Thank you for confirming that my advice was correct. =)


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