Grateful For My Current Assignment!

In Numbers chapters 3 and 4, the Lord assigns various clans of the Levites to do different tasks related to the care and moving of the Tabernacle. The Kohathites seem to get the more favorable jobs—caring for the sacred items like the Ark of the Covenant, the altars, lampstand, etc. Whereas other clans like the Gershonites are tasked with caring for frames, crossbars, posts, curtains, etc.In a sense, the Gershonites were blessed! Rather than having to do the other hard labor of the camp like the other tribes, they got to work on God’s holy tabernacle, be close to his presence, and witness some of the ministry going on there. But I’ll bet there were a few Gershonites who felt ripped off that the Kohathites got to carry the Ark of the Covenant. (Of course, the Kohathites had the additional problem of if they made a mistake, they would drop dead!).

Isn’t there something in us that always feels that way? We put our eyes on what others “get” to do, and feel like we are being treated unfairly. Yet we fail to notice the additional responsibilities and burdens that come with that “better” position, and we ignore the blessings of our current assignment compared with other alternatives.

There are times that I ask myself, “What is God going to do in my life after teaching?” I dream about pastoring a church, or being a university professor, or running a cutting-edge ministry. And maybe God actually has some of those things in mind for me in the future. But when I start to get envious of people in those roles, God has been faithful to remind me of the blessings of being a high school teacher, and of my original calling into it.

This Thanksgiving, I resolve to be thankful for where God has me right now. Lord, help me keep my eyes on You and Your blessings in my current assignment. I want to have a heart of gratitude that pours out to others. Fill me to overflowing with your Spirit. In Jesus’ name.

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