What I wish I could say, part …million!

My favorite journal topics we discuss in my classes are always bittersweet for me.  Lately we’ve talked about what true love is (a choice of the will to put someone before yourself), and that relationships based purely on emotion don’t last and aren’t ultimately meaningful or satisfying, even though they feel like it in the short run.  We talked about the societal problems caused by fatherlessness, and the importance of being a good father, or marrying a man who will be a good father.  In both of these topics, I am trying to paint a picture for my students about how important character is.  If they cannot do what is right even when they don’t feel like it, and, if they marry, don’t choose someone who also can do that, they will experience sad consequences and miss tremendous blessings.

But it pains me to have to leave them there.  Just have character?  Do the right thing?  Can I even do that?  There is an emptiness in this conclusion.  None of us can do it.  I constantly need the strength of Jesus and his Holy Spirit.  It is the realization that I can’t do it on my own that leads me to humble myself at the cross and ask for help. And He is so merciful.

So even though I feel like what I have to say about relationships and families touches a lot of my students, it’s not complete.  It’s only the beginning.  What really makes relationships work is when all of those involved go to Jesus and get his strength and wisdom.  Without that, I am just giving my students a list of rules.  The law, if you will.  And that grieves me.

My prayer is that what they see in me will draw them to Christ, even if, as a public school teacher, I often can’t say what I wish I could say.

Father, please rescue my students from this child-molesting culture we live in!  Draw them in by your kindness, and show them your great love.  Bring others that know you alongside of them to show them who you are.  Any part of me that accurately reflects your character, may they see you through that.  In Jesus’ name. 

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