Rich young ruler

In Radical by David Platt, he discusses the story of the rich young ruler.  You know the story: The rich young ruler asks Jesus how to have eternal life.  Jesus tells him to follow the law.  Self-righteous rich young ruler claims to have obediently followed the law his entire life.  So Jesus cuts to the chase of his idolatry: “Go sell all you have and give to the poor…and come follow me.”  But the rich young ruler “went away grieving, for he owned much property” (Mark 10).

Platt then points out that many of us find relief in the idea that his command is not universal: Jesus is not commanding all of us to give away all of our possessions.  However, he quotes Robert Gundry:

That Jesus did not command all his followers to sell all their possessions gives comfort only to the kind of people to whom he would issue that command.

Ouch. I think I am one of those “kind of people.” It may not be money, it may be unhealthy relationships, or food, or pornography, or whatever. But Jesus is after our idols, our false gods–the things we turn to for comfort and security. He wants all of our hearts, because he knows that’s what’s best for us. When we live a fully surrendered life, we truly live. The life of faith is so much bigger.

Lord, I don’t want to live a shriveled life chasing false security. Lord, give me the strength to trust you with everything! In Jesus’ name.

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