“Whenever you experience a response on your part that is way out of proportion to the stimulus, then look out.  You have probably tapped into some deeply hidden emotional hurt.”

David Seamands, quoted in Two Hours to Freedom by Charles Kraft, p. 70

I have worked with some who came for help because of precisely such an event.  A blow up, sometimes that the person doesn’t even remember, and they are left somewhat in denial, but part of them knows something is wrong.  And with much courage, they ask for help.  And invariably (at least so far), there are significant emotional wounds and demonic attachments from which Jesus wants to heal and deliver them.  Watching Jesus at work defeating the enemy in someone’s life, right before my eyes, is one of the greatest thrills in life.  And taking courage from them, cooperating with Jesus to bring healing to my own issues, is one of the greatest challenges.  Helping people get greater levels of healing and freedom, and then turning around and admitting that you need it also, is humbling.  Thanks be to God, who does even more than we can even imagine!

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